Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my baby start?
Your baby must be weigh 4.5 kilograms and age up to 36 months only. Therefore, it doesn't matter of your baby age to join as long as he/she is 4.5 kilograms but not more than 36 months old!
How much is regular session?
Our regular baby spa session is RM 88. It includes 30 minutes swim + 20 minutes massage. (Another 10 minutes is Baby Gym + changing and preparation before swim).
Do I need to make an appointment?
It is compulsory to make appointment at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance to avoid any unwanted circumstances.
How to make an appointment?
We only accept appointment via phone call. Do contact your nearest outlet so we can prepare you a warm visit. To find out our locations and telephone number, please refer here:
Are floats and diapers provided?
Yes. We will provide floats, swim diaper, and a towel during Baby Spa session.
Is there anything I should prepare and bring for my visit?
As stated previously, we will provide towel during session. However, if your baby have a highly sensitive skin, we encourage you to bring own towel. You may also bring other baby's essential that you think your baby might need it such as extra clothes, milk, pacifier, etc. Please ensure that your baby has being fed 30 minutes before session. E.g.: Appointment starts at 10:30 am, baby should have done eat/drink at 10:00 am. If it is longer than 30 minutes that would be great too! But no shorter than that please!
Is the water warm? What is temperature of the water?
Our water is warm. Temperature between 32°C to 35°C
Do you change the water for every baby?
We have 2 types of tubs; small and big tubs. All of our tubs are using filtered water only and contains no chlorine. Small tub is for baby age below 6 months and the water will change after every session. Big tub is for baby age 6 months and above and the water will change every day. This tub contains ionizer which work to kill bacteria in water; that ensure freshness and cleanliness of the water.
What is the differences between small and big tub?
Small tub is a single tub which is non-sharing tub for baby below 6 months only. Big tub is a sharing tub for baby age 6 months and above, with maximum of 3 babies only at a time. There is also a private tub provided in few outlets with additional charge of RM 10 (member) , RM 20 (non-member).
Where is private tub available?
Private tub is available at these outlets only:- 1) Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya 2) Setiawalk Mall, Puchong 3) Tesco Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru 4) Queensbay Mall, Penang 5) The Shore, Malacca
What is the temperature of your premises?
All of our premises are air conditioned. Temperature is fix to 26°C to 28°C.
Are your therapists experienced enough to handle our baby?
All of our therapists are true certified which each of them have at least a Professional Certificate, Diploma, and Degree qualification in Physiotherapy and Nursing from their respective universities. A person who do not have a qualification as stated, is not eligible to apply as a Baby Therapist. Besides that, all of our therapists have undergone full training before they proceed to serve your baby.
Can I leave my baby during session and come back later?
Unfortunately, our service do not work that way. It is compulsory for Parent/Guardian to accompany baby in our premise at all time. Maximum of 2 adults only are allow to accompany baby during session.
My baby have a bit cough, can he/she do session?
Baby with sickness (flu, cough, fever, virus infection, minor/major diseases, etc) is not allow to do any of our services until fully recover. Please allow your baby to rest at least 1 week after your baby have just recovered.
My baby just got his/her injection, can he/she do session?
Baby that has just gotten injection is not allowed to do baby spa session within 72 hours.
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