Study after study demonstrates how global the desire is to understand the best care, comfort and response to our infants’ needs.

Early Intro Water Infants Ahead in Entrance Testing

Result: On average, these early introduction water infants were 6 – 20 months ahead of non-water peers in oral expression,
math and reasoning on preschool entrance testing five years later.”
Jacobson, M. | Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Australia (August 2013)

Aqua Therapy Effective Way to Improve Sleep

Result: It is suggested that aquatic physical therapy can be a simple and effective method for reducing pain and improving sleep quality among pre-term infants.
Vignochi, CM, Teixeira PP, Nader SS | Brazil (2010)

Massage Therapy Leads to Weight Gain in Pre-term Infants

Result: Massage therapy has led to weight gain in pre-term infants when moderate pressure massage was provided…
The increases noted in vagal activity, gastric motility, insulin and IGF-1 levels following moderate pressure massage are potential underlying mechanisms.
Field, T, Diego M, Hernandez-Reif | M. University of Miami, Florida (2010)

Increased Gains in Functional Mobility

Result: The Aqua Therapy group demonstrated significantly greater (p<0.05) gains in functional mobility than the comparison group.
McManus BM, Kotelchuck M | Brigham & Women’s, Boston, Massachusetts (2011)

Massage Instruction Decreases Paternal Stress

Result: We found infant massage instruction significantly decreased paternal stress.
Our findings were also supported by the qualitative data and suggest fathers may benefit from applied postnatal education.
Cheng CD, Volk AA, Marini ZA | Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada (2011)
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